About Us


To provide legislative and policy guidance in order to increase your company or organization’s visibility with policymakers inside the Washington Beltway and beyond. The M2 Group, LLC can provide your company with all the benefits of a full-time Washington, DC office at a fraction of the cost of establishing a full-time Washington office or hiring a large corporate law/lobbying firm.


The needs of smaller and early-stage companies are different from those of larger, established brands. Often, traditional lobbying efforts are ineffective for entities seeking to establish their brand within the policy community. Building two-way relationships with policy experts can help establish your reputation while contributing to national policy discussions. Furthermore, being recognized by policy professionals as a reliable source here of expertise will increase your ability to grow your personal and professional brand and increase sales, both nationally and internationally.tubeporn.cc adult porn

Moreover, trade associations typically suffer from a major structural flaw: they are normally dominated by the interests of several of the larger corporate members, which puts small and medium sized business owners at a disadvantage. In some cases, the priorities of the larger members are at odds with the more numerous, harmony reigns smaller members whose interests can be overlooked.

M2 is here to level the DC playing field for your business. At a fraction of the cost that your larger competitors spend on government and public affairs, you can have an open line of communication and access to the nation’s capital to ensure your plans are minimally disrupted by the federal government’s voluminous laws and regulations.