At a fraction of the cost that your competitors spend on government and public affairs, you can have an open line of communication and access to the nation’s capital.

The M2 Group is here to level the DC playing field for your business or organization

M2 Group

The M2 Group is a lean, 100% client-focused government and public affairs firm.

We are here to help you navigate the labyrinthine corridors of power within the Beltway.

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The M2 Group is here to level the playing field for your business or organization. At a fraction of the cost being spent by your competitors, you can maintain an open line of communication to policymakers on Capitol Hill and the administration. Moreover, we make it possible to maintain a full-time presence inside the Washington Beltway, thereby ensuring you are kept abreast of policy changes that can affect your business strategy.

Early-stage and intermediate-sized companies do not usually benefit from the old-fashioned, high cost lobbying model of the past. Instead, a lower cost, hybrid model that incorporates an inside-the-beltway public relations effort blended with traditional government affairs outreach will produce success for disruptive and innovative technologies hoping to grow their personal and professional brand within the policy community. This will jumpstart your growth strategy and broaden your investment options.  

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